youmanage business plan

  • Makes use of available data (P&L and Balance Sheet) to fast and easily create a monthly mid-term business plan on entity and group level

  • Centralizes on one platform all the business plans of the individual entities with drill-down capabilities (e.g. from group EBITDA to detailed cost structure by entity). Aggregates the different investments by groups (stores, franchisees)

  • Integrated planning from P&L and Balance Sheet all the way down to cash flow

  • Bottom-up (line by line) or top-down (performance parameters) planning can be performed within a few hours at once

  • Monthly updates

youmanage stress-test

  • Build various case-driven simulations (best, worst, optimistic, …) based on the underlying detailed business plan

  • Adhoc and real-time actionable analysis and simulation of the full integrated business plan performed by adjusting select parameters

  • Sensitivity testing on financing needs

  • On-demand usage

youmanage action plan

  • Flexible collaborative environment for managing real-time workflows (including alerts and notification)

  • Fully assignable tasks and follow-up/tracking on call-to-actions

  • Automatic task creation based on conditions

  • Fully automated reporting on process

  • Integrated document management

  • Daily usage

youmanage valuation

  • Real-time adaptation of valuation related to business plan and stress-test cases

  • Performs sensitivity analysis based on different parameters such as market trading multiples

  • Valuation trend analysis based on different business plan scenarios

  • On-demand usage