The difficult and uncertain economic climate has created a very challenging environment for companies around the world. By focussing on improving internal efficiencies in addition to the traditional EBIT improvements, it is possible to overcome some of those challenges. Cash flow visibility and Working Capital efficiency can have a significant impact on the financial health of the companies.

Gaining consistency and visibility in cash flow forecast

By continuously applying detailed in-depth and real-time data from internal and external sources, a daily operational bottom-up forecast for a period of 12 months and more can be generated in a daily, weekly or monthly interval.

Sapphire Platform integrates and consolidates all relevant cash flow information into one place, enabling you to predict more accurately and optimize working capital.

Addressing Airlines Key Challenges...

  • How accurate is your demand forecasting ?

  • Does it include monitoring of booking trends ?

  • Is it linked to cash flow forecasting and how ?

  • How easy is it to reforecast after flight plan changes ? 

  • How precise is your route performance monitoring ?

  • Does your forecast simulate all fixed and variable costs (airport taxes, fuel, currency rates) ?

  • Can you ensure consistency between strategic and operational planning ?

… with a High Performing Solution …

  • Proven top-percentile accuracy in booking forecasting

  • Determines exact time of sales channels, purchases and generated cash in- and outflows 

  • Determines day-by-day booking curves for all existing and new routes on a rolling basis

  • Enhances fleet utilisation and deployment

… from Revenue through Costs to Cash.



Real-time energy demand forecasting based on patterns recognition and machine learning

  • Historical weather data by period (Temperature, Rain, Wind)

  • Historical consumption by period

  • Historical trading volume by period

  • Weather forecast by future period

  • Several granularities from 15 minutes to days and weeks

Key advantages

  • Consolidate all your projects financial information on one platform

  • Get visibility on the different currency exposures

  • Track the impact of the exchange rates volatility on fixed rates projects

  • Fully customisable P&L and Cash flow structure

  • Track the variances to understand and anticipate project changes

Revenue Management Challenges 

“Leading Digital Hospitality”: leverage digital platforms & mobile appliances to regain control of booking & pricing.

  • Increase e-booking share from 28% to 50%

  • Dual channel coexistence: pricing consistency between your own digital platform & OTAs.

  • Maintain/improve brokers’ ratings while eating their lunch.

A changing consumer landscape 

Technological innovation and digital foray have dramatically changed travel & hospitality industry:

  • Customers research & interactions with hotel brands are constantly shifting.

  • Vast array of booking channels are now available. Big data is actually confusing revenue management & cash flow forecasting

  • Data is duplicated, inaccurate & confusing