Sapphire Innovation provides modular cash flow and working capital solutions to support your corporate finance challenges



Solutions for every step of the forecasting process of your cash flow from sales to closing cash position


Sales to Cash

Sales to Cost

Cost to Pay

Cash Flow


Working capital as its best.
Individual optimization strategies based on the company's needs

Collect (Receivables)

Spend (Payables)

Store (Inventory)



Use predictive analytics to safeguard your investments throughout the full lifecycle

Business Plan

Stress Test

Action Plan



  • Pattern-based predictive analytics engine

  • Multiple business entities and currencies

  • Built-in reporting and early warning notification system

  • Full drill-down functionality

  • Full simulation capability

  • Intuitive user-friendly interface

  • Flexible and secured portal

  • Attractive monthly SaaS subscription model

  • Private cloud-based (fully isolated servers) 


  • Up to 98% forecast accuracy

  • Increased consistency and detailed forecast

  • Real-time forecasting and up to daily forecast cycles

  • Substantial improvement of Working Capital
  • Automated business plan and valuation

  • Continuous stress tests of company performance 

  • Seamless automation of dashboards and reports

  • Compatibility with existing ERPs

  • Deployed quickly